Work Across Canada Is On Its Way To Economic Recovery

Work Across Canada Is On Its Way To Economic Recovery

The pandemic caused significant damage to almost every industry, but Work Across Canada is on its way to economic recovery. The Canadian film industry is finally active again after many months of shutdown. The multi-billion-dollar television and film industry of Canada is making progress and moving forward in spite of the challenges presented by the coronavirus.

Restarting productions

British Columbia is the hottest spot work across Canada for television and film shoots. The City of Surrey in the province was actually going to set a record for the number of film permits issued in 2020 before the pandemic hit and put a brake on the momentum.

Productions restarted in the province in June once the lockdown was lifted, and professionals were able to get permits. The situation is no longer stagnant and is improving soon. Currently, Surrey has around 40–50 productions ongoing. Film and television projects are taking appropriate and strict precautionary measures when filming.

Moreover, TV and film productions from the United States are also coming back to Canada. They want to avoid the high risks posed by coronavirus to film professionals in the United States. The lack of testing facilities in California has forced film and TV professionals to relocate their shoots to Canada.

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Manitoba and Quebec have also let TV and film productions restart. Ontario has also been permitted to start production. Federal and provincial governments in Canada are readily helping to revive film production activities. Canada announced on September 25 that a temporary fund called “The Short-Term Compensation Fund” would support the development of the audiovisual production sector in Canada. The $50 million offered by the fund will make up for the absence of insurance coverage for the interruptions in filming and production.



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