Will Canada’s throne speech affect immigration?


Will Canada’s throne speech affect immigration?

The Canadian government has stated time and again that welcoming immigrants will be considered a key priority during the new session of Parliament. Every new session of the Parliament usually begins with a speech from the throne. The government’s goals are outlined in the speech to give an idea of what the plans are for the near future. The priorities prior to the new session of Parliament will have many implications for the immigration policies of Canada and even the immigrants themselves.

Main points of the throne speech

Governor-General of Canada, Julie Payette, gave the speech on September 23 to initiate the second session of the 43rd Parliament of Canada. As the federal representative of Canada’s Monarch, Queen Elizabeth II, the Governor-General mentioned the four main foundations of the government’s plan for the new session.

1) Fight against the pandemic and save lives

2) Provide support to people and businesses as they deal with the crisis, no matter how long it lasts. Ensuring the security and health of Canadians will have lasting positive effects on the economy.

3) Rebuilding the Canadian economy even stronger than before.

4) Stand up for what Canada represents as a country. A welcoming country with two official languages, Canada plans to establish gender equality, and reunite with Indigenous peoples.

Importance of immigration

According to Payette, immigration will be a key factor when it comes to Canada post COVID-19 economic recovery. She maintained that immigration is a driver of economic growth, and the Canadian economy will benefit majorly from welcoming immigrants. Since other countries are being forced to refuse the entry of global talent, Canada can take the opportunity to be the world’s ideal destination for capital, talent, and jobs.

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