Virtual Portal Set to Make Permanent Residence Landings Easier

Canadian immigration in 2020 has not been a smooth ride, but the country is hoping to welcome more immigrants in the next few years. With the travel restrictions in place because of the pandemic, Canada has been finding it difficult to affirm and welcome permanent residents.

IRCC introduces new portal

Marco Mendicino, the Immigration Minister of Canada, recently introduced a virtual system that will cut down on the time required to confirm and land new permanent residents. It is the brainchild of Deloitte.

Candidates will be able to confirm their status as permanent residents online, without even having to give interviews in person. In order to avail of this service, you will have to visit the portal created by IRCC.

How does it work?

It is crucial to note that this portal is not meant for keeping tabs on the application status. Instead, it exists separately for ease of access. Once you enter the portal, you will be allowed to share personal information with the IRCC if you are a permanent resident.

You can submit your photos for the PR cards, declare your physical presence in Canada, and check the proof of your PR status with a few clicks.

IRCC wanted to test out the system before making it public, and hence many applicants received invitations for the portal back in October. One cannot create their own account, and they must await a direct invitation from IRCC if they want to access the portal.

Every single user has an individual profile, including people within the same family. IRCC will send you all the necessary links via your registered email. Once you provide your information, IRCC will review it.

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BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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