USA Government Extends Temporary Work Visa Restrictions

USA Government Extends Temporary Work Visa Restrictions

The United States has been embroiled in political turmoil for a while now. The coronavirus only made the situation worse by stunting the growth of the economy.

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USA president, the current President of the United States, is all set to leave his office now that Joe Biden has been chosen as the President-elect. However, it seems that USA government wants to implement a few more measures on his way out.

Freezing temporary visas

Earlier in 2020, USA president tried to restrict the issuance of temporary visas to eligible international workers on the grounds of providing Americans with more opportunities. He reasoned that Americans would have access to more jobs if foreign workers did not take them up. Moreover, the country also enforced strict border restrictions for international travelers looking to travel to the United States.

Now, in January 2021, USA has decided to extend a moratorium on the temporary visas for professionals in the tech industry and other sectors as well. This means that the immigration freeze will go on until the end of March. According to NPR reports, business groups like the National Associations of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce opposed this move from the very beginning. They even filed lawsuits because they felt that extending the freeze would only cause further damage to the country’s economy. However, USA government did manage to get his way and thousands of eligible foreign candidates will now have to wait in order to get their visas.

It seems that USA president still believes that foreign workers pose a threat to Americans’ success in the post-pandemic period. This is in sharp contrast to Canada’s welcoming approach towards immigrants even at this time.

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