Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Invites Immigration Candidates

Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program Invites Immigration Candidates

With 2020 being disastrous for immigration in Canada, the country is planning to make up for the losses this year. The newly released Immigration Levels Plan for 2021–2023 sets lofty targets for the country, but they are definitely achievable.

PNPs are a huge source of immigrants for Canada, and hence the provinces have already begun the process of issuing invitations.

Details of the draw

On January 21, Saskatchewan decided to host an important selection round. The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program or SINP decided to invite a total of 502 people.

The people who managed to secure invitations will now be able to submit their applications for a provincial nomination. Being nominated by a province provides a significant advantage to permanent residence seekers because they receive an additional 600 points.

This draw specifically targeted the International Skilled Worker category. Occupations-in-Demand and Express Entry were the two subcategories from which candidates were chosen. Express Entry candidates received 189 of the invitations while the Occupations In-Demand candidates received 313 invitations.

Choosing candidates

Saskatchewan mainly chose candidates who had professional experience in any of the 79 listed occupations. Under Express Entry, the eligible candidates are given a score based on their age, education and job experience among other things.

The EOI system is often used by Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program to find candidates who are most suitable to fill the gaps existing in the labor market. The candidates should prove that they are willing to build a new life in the province through their qualifications and connections.

The International Skilled Worker Points Assessment Grid is used to score the candidates on 100. The ones with the highest score are invited for a provincial nomination.

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