New Immigration Application Tracker for Child and Spousal Sponsorship


Canada has recently launched a new online portal for immigration applicants for a dependent child and spousal to view their application status tracker online. One can access the portal through the government website. Currently, it is only for the applicants who are applying for a spousal, dependent child, and common-law sponsorship. This is available for both applicants and representatives.

IRCC also states that the information available online form is subject to changes at any time before the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) officers’ final decisions. It is also being noticed that there are delays or differences between the actual progress of sponsorship applications and information mentioned on the online immigration application tracker.

The online tracker was introduced by the Canadian immigration minister, Sean Fraser in a quest to digitalize the Canadian immigration system. He also added, “We understand the needs of the clients as they want easier access to status updates on their case files”, stated by the government release. “New measures that will help reduce wait times, improve client experience, and help modernize our immigration system.”

The Canadian government also wants to broaden its horizon and digitalize further to make the immigration application process quicker and easier for future prospects. In the release, the government also mentioned that the efforts to date have allowed the average processing times to return to an average of 1 year.

The country has already been experiencing a heavy load of applications in the backlog across all streams. As 1of December 2021, there were 54683 spousal sponsorship applicants, and 8848 children and other family classes are on the waiting list.

Hopefully, the new year will see more digitalization that will further help in faster processing of the applications and reduced backlogs. This will definitely help immigrants to conveniently move to Canada and start their new life.

Originally published at on February 5, 2022.



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