Employment services can assist newcomers in adapting to the expectations of Canadian employers

Canada considers immigration to be a top priority in the post-pandemic world for faster economic recovery. However, there are still barriers that prevent newcomers from having access to sufficient job opportunities.

Barriers to overcome

New immigrants who enter the Canadian job market can face credential recognition issues, especially if they have not worked in Canada before. The prevailing language or cultural barriers could negatively impact newcomers’ confidence and self-esteem. As a result, they might it difficult to communicate properly with their colleagues and employers to earn respect. Moreover, newcomers also stand a chance of facing discrimination in the new working environment.

Tim Lang, who is the President and CEO of Toronto’s Youth Employment Services (YES), says that some employers can still have a small bias towards Canadian-born workers despite the need for new Canadians. He opines that it is important to work with both newcomers and employers in order to establish the most beneficial connections.

Tim Lang asserts that new Canadians bring new experiences and ideas to the table that can truly benefit a company and set them apart. He advises immigrants to adapt to their employers’ expectations in order to get the best job-search outcomes.

Why are employment services necessary?

YES is an employment center in Toronto, and there are plenty more like it. The aim is to help both unemployed and underemployed immigrants secure good jobs in their field. Employment services collaborate with thousands of employers to help them understand the advantages of hiring immigrants.

Most Canadians, however, already know the benefits of immigration, and they acknowledge them even during the pandemic. Immigrants ensure that there are no glaring gaps in the labor market, and contribute to the population growth in Canada.

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BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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