CRS Requirement Falls During New Express Entry Draw

Express Entry forms the backbone of Canadian immigration and is one of the most important programs for inviting skilled candidates. It caters to the three economic class programs controlled by the federal government, namely the Federal Skilled Trades Program, Federal Skilled Worker Program, and Canadian Experience Class.

How does Express Entry work?

Through its application management system, Express Entry is responsible for assigning CRS scores to the applicants in the pool. The points are usually calculated on the basis of factors like age, work experience, language proficiency, and educational qualifications. Candidates with the highest scores usually receive an ITA for permanent residence during the next invitation round.

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The coronavirus pandemic led to Express Entry draws being a little inconsistent throughout the year, but things are slowly coming back under control. The CRS requirement has been just over 470 for most all-program draws until now.

Details of the new draw

Canada organized an all-program draw on November 25 to invite eligible candidates for which the CRS requirement was 469. A total of 5000 Express Entry candidates were disturbing during the draw, equaling it with the highest number of ITAs Canada has issued in a single draw.

IRCC had to apply the tie-breaking rule for the draw. Apart from fulfilling the minimum score requirements, candidates also had to have submitted their applications before October 15, 2020, at 08:50:10 UTC in order to qualify for this particular draw.

Now, the number of ITAs issued by Canada in 2020 has come to 97,350. It is notable that this is the highest number of ITAs to have ever been issued by Canada in a year despite the pandemic ruining many plans.




BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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