Canadian immigration from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia happens to be a leading source country of international students and immigrants who move to Canada. To that end, Canada provides 100 different economic class immigration options that will benefit citizens and residents of Saudi Arabia.

Many people who immigrate from Saudi Arabia to Canada are expatriates. While Saudi Arabia offers high living standards, individuals end up choosing Canada since the country offers a host of benefits.

Why Canada?

With Canada offering more than 100 different permanent residence pathways, candidates are much more likely to get the opportunity to apply for citizenship in Canada after they have lived there for three years. Moreover, immigrants have access to good education, universal health care, and employment opportunities which makes Canada very appealing for candidates If you want to immigrate from Saudi Arabia, it is best that you should submit an application as an economic class immigrant.

The Immigration Levels Plan 2020–2022 states that Canada wants to invite more than one million new immigrants by the year 2022. Canada is continuing to issue permanent residence invitations to economic class applicants despite the coronavirus pandemic. Economic class skilled workers make up almost 60% of the new immigrants that Canada is targeting under the plan.

How to go about it?

Canada evaluates skilled workers who are interested in moving to Canada based on factors such as age, language skills, education, and work experience. Since Saudi expatriates and citizens have a strong grip on the English language and are usually young, well-educated, and professional, they find themselves at an advantage during the immigration selection process.

Most skilled worker applications are processed under the Express Entry system. However, you can also opt for the Provincial Nominee Program (PNP), which allows Canadian provinces and territories to nominate immigrants who will be able to fill their economic needs.

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BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration - Canada Immigration News

BetterPlace Immigration specializes in providing the latest Canadian immigration news.

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