45,000 New Immigrants were Welcomed by Canada in September Making History!


After the pandemic caused immigration losses in 2020, Canada bounced back with the Immigration Levels Plan 2021–2023. According to this plan, Canada plans to welcome 401,000 new immigrants annually for the next few years.

It seems that Canada is en route to achieving this goal in 2021. In September, Canada welcomed 45,000 new immigrants breaking past records. September 2021 was the most successful month for immigration in modern Canadian history. Canada has not recorded such a high monthly total in a while. One key thing to remember is that the welcoming process is complete when an internal candidate has their legal status in Canada changed to permanent residence. This can include new candidates entering the country from abroad or temporary residents who have already been in Canada for a while.

Recovery Process

The Canadian immigration system struggled to keep up with processing applications during the pandemic, which makes September an even bigger achievement. It seems that the immigration system has finally managed to steer itself back on the right path to achieve their goals. Before the pandemic, Canada welcomed about 25,000–35,000 new immigrants every month with ease, but the pandemic forced the proceedings to slow down.

The landing figures started going back up again towards the end of 2020 but Canada failed to reach its goal of landing 341,000 new immigrants in 2020 by securing just 184,000 new immigrants instead. Now that the pandemic is slowly becoming less impactful, Canada has multiplied its immigration efforts as evidence by the larger and more frequent draws.

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